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10 wonderful ways to decorate your child’s bedroom

creative boys army bedroom


The starry sky

You can find all kinds of paints that are ideal for children’s rooms, including paints that contain a special additive that leads it to glow in the dark. A lot of children go through a fascination with outer space, so why not paint some stars on the ceiling? It’s a delightful little touch that adds an air of magic children love.


childrens night sky bedroom



Does your child love a certain colour? Are they passionate about dinosaurs or fairy tales? Incorporating your child’s interests into the design of their room is a guaranteed success that really gives you the chance to be creative. Pick a theme and run with it; you’d be amazed by the results.


themed childs sailor bedroom

Let the kids try

Children are naturally keen on exploring their creativity, and a nurturing, supportive environment can support this. The room can be an interactive through something as simple as having the walls fitted with a wipe clean self-adhesive blackboard that the children can decorate with their chalks, like designing their own wallpaper.


chalkboard wall home decor


Make Space

Toy storage can sometimes be an issue. Children spend a lot of time playing which can lead to a big mess, but this doesn’t have to be the case. Consider incorporating some neat storage features into the design for your child’s bedroom, like hollowed out window seats or toy chests. It makes clean up easier and gives your child more room to play.


Stencils and wall transfers are a simple way to spice up a bedroom, and decorating a child’s bedroom offers plenty of options. Patterns of animals, shapes and letters against a plain wall have real pop and don’t even have to be permanent. Wall transfers, for example, can be washed off and replaced with new ones, which is another get way to get your child involved creatively.

Dual purpose beds

As another way to make space, parents could include a dual purpose bed in their child’s room. Again, you will want your children to have space to play and a bed can take up a lot of room, so why not have one that turns into a sofa during the day. It gives your child more space as well as something to sit on while they’re playing.


fun childrens duel purpose bunk beds


There’s a current trend for bold colours and patterns in children’s rooms and it’s not hard to see why. Children love bright colours and often want their whole room to be decked out in their favourite shade of blue, pink, green, whatever. So, why not go all out with the colour scheme and see what you can come up with?

Feature walls

Feature walls offer a lot of potential in a child’s room. Painting it a bright colour to make it stand out is a firm favourite, but you can also adorn it with wall decorations, posters and pictures to create a truly beautiful mural. The options with a feature wall are seemingly endless.

DIY furniture

Something as simple as a chair painted in child-friendly colours can be a great addition to a child’s bedroom and is a cost-effective way to decorate. A little set of tables and chairs or a painted cabinet can make for lovely additions to any child’s room. Just remember to keep this furniture at child-friendly sizes.

Cater to your child

Above all, you want your child to like the way their room is decorated. Keep it flexible, but ensure that your child will be happy. If you child likes to read books, then give them something special like a set of bookshelves and a reading nook; there are tonnes of ways to decorate the room so that it reflects your child’s personality.

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