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5 tips for creating shabby-chic style in any room

how to get shabby chic look at home

Shabby-chic is a style that can suit any home, imparting a feeling of effortless cool whilst also remaining homely and cosy. It’s a great way to avoid making a space feel too formal whilst also showing off your personality. Here are five tips to get any room feeling shabby-chic!


1. Salvaged furniture

Pick up an old dining table or dresser, making sure you go for solid wood rather than laminate coated; adding scrubbed pastel paint is a simple way to give an immediate vintage feel to any piece. Just a couple of key pieces of used furniture such as an aged-iron bed frame or old-style bureau desk will give a huge amount of character. Salvaged furnishings lie at the heart of the shabby-chic look, so make sure you choose shapes that aren’t too modern, steering clear of materials such as steel or glass.

shabby chic salvaged furniture 

2. Shades of white

Layering different shades of white and faded linens into your room will provide the perfect backdrop to this look. The key is to find a whole spectrum of whites without bringing in any blocks of solid colour on the walls, as this can detract from the relaxed feel of this style. Keeping your base colours light will allow you to be more daring in the accessories which are essential to pulling off this style.

shabby chic shades of white 

3. Mix and match

Shabby-chic is all about being eclectic, so bring together different styles and patterns in order to maximise the impact of your look. You might think your patterned tablecloth clashes with the curtains but these kinds of contrasts will add depth to your room and make it feel more lived-in. A scattering of mismatched cushions and a throw can make any sofa look inviting! Vintage or aged mirrors make a great addition; look out for ornate frames or aged-chandeliers that will add a touch of glamour.
mixed shabby chic cusions 

4. Natural features

Make the most of natural features in your room in order to make this look work for your space. If you have a great wooden floor then make sure that it’s on show, or do you have fabulous original windows? Show them off with attention grabbing curtain ties. Shabby-chic is all about understated style so the more you can bring out the natural beauty of your space, the better!
natural shabby chic features 

5. Vintage accessories

To finish any shabby-chic room, accessories are vital. These can range from a chipped enamel bowl full of pot pourri for your living room to creating a space in your bedroom to hang up your vintage dresses! Think of yourself as a magpie and keep your eyes open in thrift stores for new accessories that will build on the personality of your room whilst also keeping the style fresh.
vintage shabby chic accesories

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