Add a touch of style to your home

Add a stunning feature to any wall with our versatile home decal stickers

decorate your home with wall decals

How would you like a cherry blossom tree scattering its petals across your living room? Or how about a poignant or cheeky message that greets you every time you walk into your kitchen? When it comes to our home decals, the sky’s the limit, but why stop there? We can create space decals, astronaut decals and anything else you can imagine!

Decorating has never been so much fun!

A boring wall can be instantly transformed into a feature wall with our home decorating kits. And the best thing is they don’t require any glue or paste. Remember the fun you had playing with stickers as a child? Well, this is the same but on a giant scale! Simply peel your decal from its backing and your sticker is ready to place anywhere you like. Even better, you can choose to remove and move your decal as many times as you want. They really are perfect for any room in the house, from kids’ bedrooms to dining rooms and the bathroom to the kitchen.

The only problem you’ll have is choosing your decal

Choosing the right decal for your home is all down to personal taste. We have beautiful nature scenes, famous lifestyle quotes, kids’ characters, sporting scenes, contemporary decals and so much more and we are constantly adding to our range. The best way to choose your decal is to view our selection. We are also available to answer any questions you may have about applying your decal, the sizes we have available and the colour options on offer.

Don’t see what you need? Let us design a decal for you!

We have chosen some great designs that we know you will fall in love with, but we also know we won’t always cater for everybody’s tastes. That is why we offer a custom decal design service. If you don’t see what you’re after on our website or you are looking for something special, don’t worry. Our expert team will always aim to accommodate your needs and your budget, and we love to hear your ideas. Speaking of budget – decorating with a wall decal is so much cheaper and easier than painting an entire wall or faffing around with wallpaper and paste. The effects are stunning and will create a real showpiece in your home that you will be proud to show off.

We told you it was easy! And so is ordering. We’d be delighted to take your order and introduce you to the world of home decals. Browse our selection today and find out just how easy it is to transform any room in your home.


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