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How to apply a wall decal

how to apply a wall decal

There are a few different techniques that people use to apply a Home Decals wall decal. Which one you choose will depend on the size of your decal and where you intend to place it on the wall.

Direct application

This is the simplest method of applying a wall decal. It involves either measuring where you want to place the decal and leaving pencil marks or lining up the decal visually. Whether you take the time to measure exactly where the central point, or whichever desired point on the wall, is located depends entirely on how important it is to you that your decal is in a particular position. If you want the decal to be perfectly level then drawing a line along a spirit level on the wall is strongly recommended.

Once you know where you want to place the decal the next step is to prepare the surface by wiping the wall with a cloth to take off any dust or dirt. If the wall has been painted recently then it is best to wait a while in order to let the paint set fully.

Next peel off the backing paper and carefully stick one edge of the decal in position. Start from this edge and use a squeegee (a credit card or something similar can also be used for this) to drive out any air from under the decal. Once it is fully stuck down you can peel off the top layer of the decal, holding your squeegee on top as you go to help the vinyl remain stuck to the wall. If any vinyl is lifted from the wall as you peel off the top layer then use the squeegee to stick it back down again.

Once the top layer is removed you should be left with a perfectly placed wall decal.

Top (or side) hinge method

As with direct application you’ll still want to wipe down the surface and possibly measure where on the wall you want your decal. The difference here is that you place a length of masking tape along the top or one of the sides to hold the decal in position before you remove the backing paper. This technique is useful for larger decals that would be unwieldy if you attempted to apply them directly to the wall.

For most larger decals a top hinge will be the most convenient way to apply them. A side hinge may be your best option if it is impossible to tape the top edge of the decal to the wall, for example when the decal abuts against the cornice.

To remove the backing paper first fold the decal back against the wall along the hinge then peel off the paper carefully. Stick the decal down using the squeegee starting from the hinge and working to the opposite edge. Peeling off the top layer is just the same as with direct application except that the masking tape will come off at the same time.

Centre hinge method

The centre hinge method is used for long and skinny decals. As with the previous methods, the surface should be prepared and you might want to use a tape measure to get a precise position. This time you hold the decal in position using two small pieces of tape on one of the narrower edges of the decal and then place a long piece of tape across the decal’s centre.

The free half of the decal is then folded back and the backing paper is peeled and cut off at the centre. This half is then squeegeed to the wall working from the hinge as before. The two pieces of masking tape holding down the other half can then be removed and the remaining part of the decal can be stuck down in the usual way. The top layer is removed along with the masking tape just as with the top hinge method.

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